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Mano Supermarket Coupon Code

Discover incredible savings and unlock a world of discounts with Mano Supermarket coupon codes! 

As a shopper, you know that finding the best deals can make a significant difference in your budget. That is why you must ensure you always check out these Mano Supermarket’s exclusive discount codes, designed to enhance your shopping experience and maximize your savings.

Mano – a top grocery store in Nigeria understands the importance of providing valued customers with exceptional offers and discounts therefore in partnership with MyCouponTap.com, provides incredible savings on a wide range of products, from fruit & veg, dairy & eggs, snacks, coffee & tea, frozen foods, Cereals, beverages, rice & pasta and more 

Mano Africa is no doubt a go-to shopping destination for groceries while enjoying discounts across different categories of your choice.

Whether you prefer to shop online or in-app, these coupon codes are easily accessible and effortless to apply during the checkout process. With just a few clicks, you’ll watch the prices drop and your savings soar.

You can enjoy the benefits of this incredible discount offer irrespective of the place you are in Nigeria

Hurry and grab this amazing deal before it’s gone! Enter the coupon code during checkout and experience the joy of significant savings on your grocery shopping at Mano Supermarket. 

Shop smart, save more, and treat yourself to a hassle-free shopping experience today!

Shop now at Mano Supermarket and let the savings begin!

What is Mano Supermarket Coupon Code

Mano Supermarket coupon code is a unique alphanumeric combination that customers can use to redeem special offers, discounts, or promotions that a customer can enter at checkout to receive a discount. 

These codes typically consist of letters, numbers, or a combination of both and are entered during the checkout process, either online or in-app, to apply the associated discount or offer to the customer’s purchase.

The purpose of Mano Supermarket coupon codes is simply to provide customers with opportunities to save money or receive additional benefits when shopping at the supermarket. 

These codes serve as incentives to attract and retain customers, promote specific products or services, drive sales, and enhance the overall shopping experience.

How To Use Mano Supermarket Discount Code

Mano Coupon section

Using a Mano Supermarket discount code is a breeze, and I’m here to guide you through the process. Follow these simple steps to maximize your savings:

  • Start by locating a valid Mano Supermarket discount code on MyCouponTap.com. 
  • Visit the Mano Supermarket website to begin your shopping experience. The browser will want to know your location, allow and continue to browse through the wide range of products available 
  • Add your desired items to your cart.
  • Once you have finished selecting your items, click on the shopping cart icon to view your cart summary. Review your selected items to ensure everything is correct and proceed to the checkout page.
  • On the checkout page, you’ll find a designated field to enter your discount code labeled as “Add Coupon Code,” 
  • Carefully enter the code exactly as it appears, ensuring there are no spaces or typing errors.
  • Click “Apply” after entering the discount code, to apply the code to your purchase. The page will refresh, and you should see the discount reflected in your order total or as a line item discount.
  • Take a moment to review your updated order total, ensuring the discount has been applied correctly. You should see the savings reflected in the final amount you need to pay.
  • Once you are satisfied with the discounted total, proceed with the checkout process as usual. Provide the necessary shipping and payment information to finalize your purchase.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully used a Mano Supermarket discount code and saved money on your purchase. Enjoy your discounted items and the satisfaction of smart shopping.

Benefits of Using Coupon Codes at Mano Supermarket

Using coupon codes at Mano Supermarket offers several benefits to customers, including:

  • Cost savings: mano coupon codes allow customers to enjoy discounts, percentage-off deals, or special offers, resulting in immediate cost savings on their purchases.
  • Increased purchasing power: By utilizing the coupon codes, as a customer, you can maximize your purchasing power and potentially afford more items or higher-priced products within your budget.
  • Try new products: Through Coupon provision, sometimes you may want to be encouraged to try new products or brands by offering discounts specifically for those items. This allows customers to explore different options and expand their choices.
  • Convenience: Mano Coupon codes can be easily redeemed online or in-App, making the shopping experience more convenient for customers. The code can be applied during the checkout process without the need for physical coupons or additional steps.


Some of the Popular Products Offered By ManoAfrica

All these and more can be found on the Mano Supermarket

PampersBaby Dry Diapers are a top-selling product on ManoAfrica. They are ultra-thin and breathable, making them comfortable for babies to wear. They also have a wetness indicator that lets you know when it’s time to change your baby.

Nestlé Nido Fortificada Powdered Milk is a popular choice for parents who are looking for a nutritious formula for their babies. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals, and it is also lactose-free.

Unilever Lifebuoy Soap is a classic soap that is known for its antibacterial properties. It is effective at removing dirt and germs, and it also helps to keep skin healthy.

Coca-Cola Soft Drink is a popular soft drink that is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is refreshing and has a slightly sweet taste.

Indomie Instant Noodles are a popular snack or meal option in Nigeria for children and adults alike. They are quick and easy to prepare, and they are also very affordable.

Peak Milk is a popular brand of powdered milk in Nigeria. It is made from fresh milk and is fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Maggi Cubes are a popular seasoning product in Nigeria. They are used to flavor a variety of dishes, such as stews, soups, and sauces.

Oral-B Toothbrushes are a popular brand of toothbrushes in Nigeria. They are effective at cleaning teeth and gums and help to prevent cavities.

Listerine Mouthwash is a popular brand of mouthwash in Nigeria. It helps to kill bacteria and freshen your breath.

Dove Soap is a popular brand of soap in Nigeria. It is gentle on the skin and helps to keep the skin hydrated.

Nivea Body Lotion is a popular brand of body lotion in Nigeria. It helps to moisturize skin and keep it soft and smooth.

Tide Laundry Detergent is a laundry detergent in Nigeria. It is effective at removing dirt and stains, and it also leaves clothes smelling fresh.

Unilever Peace Tissues are a popular brand of tissues. They are soft and absorbent, and they are also very affordable.

Indomie Chicken Flavor Instant Noodles are a popular flavor of Indomie instant noodles. They are made with chicken flavoring and are a delicious and affordable meal option.

Canned Tuna is a popular canned food item in Nigeria. It is a good source of protein and can be used in a variety of dishes.

Frozen Chicken Breasts are a popular frozen food item in Nigeria. They are a healthy and convenient protein option.

Canned Beans are a popular canned food item and are a good source of protein and fiber.

Tinned Tomatoes are a popular canned food item in Nigeria. They are versatile ingredients that can be used in a variety of dishes.


Why Buy From Mano Supermarket

There are several compelling reasons to choose Mano Supermarket as your preferred shopping destination. 

Here are some key factors that make Mano Supermarket a great choice:

Wide Range of Groceries Products: Mano Supermarket offers a diverse selection of products, catering to various needs and preferences. From groceries and household essentials to canned and frozen foods and more, can be found under one roof. This saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to visit multiple stores.

Quality, Reliability & Fresh Food: Mano Supermarket is committed to providing fresh from the farm and high-quality products to its customers. They carefully curate their inventory, working with reputable brands and local suppliers to ensure that you have access to reliable and trusted products. This focus on quality gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re purchasing goods that meet your expectations.

Competitive Pricing: Mano Supermarket strives to offer competitive pricing on its products. They understand the importance of affordability and work diligently to provide customers with fair prices. Additionally, with the availability of coupon codes and discounts, you have the opportunity to save even more money on your purchases.

Convenience: Convenience is a top priority at Mano Supermarket. They have a user-friendly website and app from the IOS and play store that allows you to shop from the comfort of your home, making the shopping experience hassle-free. 

Customer Service: Mano Supermarket values its customers and places a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service. Their staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have. Whether you need help finding a specific item or require assistance with a purchase, their dedicated customer service team is there to support you.

Special Offers and Promotions: Mano Supermarket frequently offers special promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs to reward its customers. By taking advantage of these offers, you can enjoy additional savings and benefits while shopping at Mano Supermarket.


How To Order On Mano

  • Download the Mano App for iOS and Android devices or simply order through the internet at https://shop.manoapp.com
  • Create an account on the Mano app or online
  • Add everything you need to your cart & checkout
  • Use your credit or debit cards to make payment

Please note, that Mano does not accept cash payments on delivery.


How To Contact Mano

  • You can do so through their official email: [email protected] 
  • They can also be contacted through their WhatsApp number: +2349133333300
  • Other means of contact are through social media like Facebook and Instagram